Welcome to networking-cisco’s documentation!

The networking-cisco project’s goal is to provide support for Cisco networking hardware and software in OpenStack deployments. This includes ML2 drivers and agents for neutron, as well as other pieces of software which interact with neutron to best utilise your Cisco products with OpenStack.

Drivers for Cisco Products

  • Nexus 9000 Series Switches
    • ML2 Mechanism driver - cisco_nexus
    • ML2 VXLAN Type driver - nexus_vxlan
  • UCS Manager
    • ML2 Mechanism driver - cisco_ucsm
  • ASR 1000 Series
    • Neutron Service Plugins - cisco_l3_routing
  • Nexus 1000v
    • Deprecated. To be removed in release 6.0.0
    • ML2 Mechanism driver - cisco_n1kv
    • Neutron Service plugins - cisco_n1kv_profile, cisco_n1kv_net_profile
    • ML2 Extension driver - cisco_n1kv_ext
  • Network Convergence System (NCS)
    • Deprecated. To be removed in release 6.0.0
    • ML2 Mechanism driver - cisco_ncs
  • Service Advertisement Framework (SAF)
    • Deprecated. To be removed in release 6.0.0
    • Firewall drivers - native, phy_asa
    • Applications - fabric-enabler-server, fabric-enabler-agent, fabric-enabler-cli
  • Prime Network Registrar (CPNR)
    • Deprecated. To be removed in release 6.0.0
    • Applications - cpnr-rootwrap, cpnr-dns-relay-agent, cpnr-dns-relay, cpnr-dhcp-relay-agent, cpnr-dhcp-relay
  • Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC)

Releases and Version Support

From Mitaka forward, networking-cisco is branchless and releases will be made from master. We have a goal to maintain compatibility with multiple versions of OpenStack for as long as possible starting from version 4.0.0 which is compatible with both Mitaka and Newton OpenStack releases.

  • 5.X.X Mitaka, Newton, Ocata
  • 4.X.X Mitaka, Newton, Ocata
  • 3.X.X Mitaka
  • 2.X.X Liberty

For full release notes refer to Full Release Notes for networking-cisco