[DEPRECATED] Nexus StandAlone Fabric (SAF)

1. General

This is an installation guide for enabling nexus fabric support on OpenStack

Please refer to nexus fabric system configuration for how to bring up the fabric using a spine and leaf topology with DCNM as the fabric manager. The compute node in an OpenStack setup should be connected to the nexus fabric leaf switch. This link on the compute node/server is often referred as uplink in this note.

This guide does not cover OpenStack installation.

2. Prerequisites

The prerequisites for installing Nexus fabric OpenStack enabler are the following:

  • Install LLDPad
  • Install OVS (version 2.3.x)

3. Fabric Enabler Installation

3.1 Using devstack:

In this scenario, SAF will be installed along with openstack using devstack

  1. Clone devstack.
  2. Use networking-cisco/devstack/saf/local.conf.compute.saf and networking-cisco/devstack/saf/local.conf.control.saf as and example to create local.conf for control and compute nodes and set the required parameters in the local.conf based on the your setup.
  3. Run ./stack.sh
3.2 On a setup with OpenStack already installed:

In this scenario, SAF will be installed on a setup which has already OpenStack installed:

  1. Clone networking-cisco.
  2. The following modifications are needed in:
2.1 /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini

type_drivers = local
mechanism_drivers = openvswitch

bridge_mappings = ethd:br-ethd

tunnel_types =

Following sections should remain empty:

L3 agent  - must be disabled
DHCP service - must be disabled

2.2 neutron.conf:

notification_driver = messaging
notification_topics = cisco_dfa_neutron_notify
rpc_backend = rabbit

auth_host = <ip address of controller>
auth_port = 35357
admin_tenant_name = service
admin_user = neutron
admin_password = <admin password>

2.3 nova.conf:

admin_password = <admin password>
admin_user = nova
admin_tenant_name = service
auth_uri = http://<ip address of controller>:5000/v2.0
auth_host = <ip address of controller>

3.3 keystone.conf:
notification_driver = messaging
notification_topics = cisco_dfa_keystone_notify
admin_endpoint = http://<services ip address>:%(admin_port)s/
rpc_backend = rabbit
  1. cd networking-cisco

  2. Edit networking-cisco/etc/saf/enabler_conf.ini

    Set the parameters in each section of the enabler_conf.ini based on your setup

  3. Run python tools/saf_prepare_setup.py

  4. Run sudo python setup.py install

  5. On controller node run:

    • On ubuntu based server:

    sudo start fabric-enabler-server

    • On Red Hat based server:

    sudo systemctl start fabric-enabler-server

  6. On compute node run:

    • On ubuntu based server:

    sudo start fabric-enabler-agent

    • On Red Hat based server:

    sudo systemctl start fabric-enabler-agent